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Jennifer's first quilt ever!

[Jennifer’s first quilt ever]

In April 2007, 28 creative women joined in an international doll quilt swap hosted by Lisa K. (that’s me!) hosted at http://losabia.wordpress.com. Each agreed to craft a doll-sized quilt to send to another swapper.

The swappers came from 4 countries and all walks of life. Some were mothers or grandmothers, others students, wives, or girlfriends. A handful hadn’t ever made a quilt, bravely entering the swap to challenge and enrich their skills. Others had made a few quilts. Still others were expert quilters.

As the swap progressed, many began to post photos of works-in-progress on their blogs and the doll quilt swap group on flickr. Some wrote of their process, inspiration, techniques, struggles, and triumphs along the way. Their fellow swappers were enthusiastic and supportive, offering praise, encouragement, or advice.

The resulting quilts are as varied, innovative, colorful, and wonderful as the partipants. The care and creativity with which each quilt was made is evident in every stitch. I’m proud to have been a part of this swap, and hope to continue its spirit into this next round.

Thank you, swappers, for making this adventure a fun and rewarding one. Welcome, newcomers, and thank you for your interest in our “little” community.

Lisa K.


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  1. goodness i dont know how much longer i can wait!!!!

  2. What a nice idea, too bad registration is closed. Maybe I’ll try to join you for the next one, although I live in England so mailing would be more expensive.
    A very nice blog.


  3. Could you let me know when you will be doing a third doll quilt swap – I’d love to be involved!

  4. Me too. I had sooo much fun with this swap I would love to see there be a third doll quilt swap.
    thanks julie
    I would also like to thank all the hard work that the swap mammas put into this wonderful swap.
    It did not go unnoticed

  5. Ohhh how wonderful! I’d love to know if there will be another swap scheduled!

    bpratt at satx dot rr dot com


  6. Id love to join the next swap. Love dollies and love to make their blankets too. What a great way for newbies to practice techniques. Please count me in for the next swap. Thanks SueQ

  7. Hi there! I want to join the swap. I’m the schmuck that listed information (likes and dislikes) before even getting matched up in the Flickr group discussion! I may have missed an instruction discussion or something but I just jumped right in! Sorry for that! How does one get added?

  8. Would love to join doll swap 4 if there is going to be one. Was recommended two sites, one i tried to join but they wouldn’t let me because i didn’t have any photos on flicker. Could you please let me know if there is anything i have to do to join. Thank you.

  9. I would LOVE to join this someday- but I have never made a quilt! Is there a great website to get instructions for a very new wannabe quilter? I LOVE the size and my kids would love a new doll quilt!
    Thanks in advance for the advice!!
    Heidi in MN

  10. If you have a doll swap 6 I would like to join.
    Thanks. Jeri

  11. I would love to be in your next swap. Thank you.

  12. Can you let me know how to join for the next one please? Thanks!

  13. I too would love to be notified of your next swap. Thanks!!!

  14. I would love to be included in your next swap, thanks!

  15. I would love to join your next doll swap! I love quilting & I have 3 girls that enjoy doll quilts! Thanks!

  16. Hi, I’m from New Zealand. I would love to be part of your next swap. Thanks!

  17. Hi, I would love to join your next swap. I love quilting and everything handmade with care. Thanks!

  18. Hi, I would also love to join your next round. Thanks!

  19. Hi. If you do this again I would love to join. Many thanks Jodie

  20. Hello,

    I would love to join the next swap. I live in India.

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