Snippets from Mini Grey’s group…

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Partridgepeartree has made these beautiful kaleidoscope blocks.

Shelley has bounced into her first Dolls Quilt Swap and finished already! Above is a sneek peak.

Donna has added some posies and is still deciding to add borders…

Marja has decided enough flying geese!

Fantastic work ladies!


Early Results ~

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I can hardly believe some quilters are finished so soon with their dqs5 quilts !  Wow !  I’ve looked around at what my group has shown us and found these from diddledaddledesigns, Michelle Brown and TLHCrawford.

Doll Quilt Swap 5 by diddledaddledesigns    DQS5 by michbrown1973

DQS5 by tlhcrawford  These early birds are inspiration to me !  Now I need to get a plan in my head and start sewing too ……

Lucyellen / Swapmama

Do I smell a fire?

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I must, because our swappers are smoking! Just take a look at some of these quilts:

While you are busy drooling over those beauties, I thought I’d also put in a special request. Please email your swap mama when you have sent your quilt off and please be sure to post at the group (you can email us too if you’d like) once you receive your quilt. It is challenging to keep up with where everyone is at in the process, so any help you can give will be most appreciated.


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Quite late, but an update nonetheless!

Lynne has been working on this beauty,

Alison Marie has an update on her blog

Here is a little peek at Cecys start on her blog

One of our fearless leaders, Tanaya started a crafts blog just because of little old doll quilts!! Go check it out and maybe she will post something for us. She even made the ultimate sacrifice and bought a new machine!

Anita has a lovely little peek over here at flickr.

Tina is being a really good girl and posting her progress on her blog, and again, on her blog.

Lucette is off and running!

Maria Rosa has been posting about her little quilt here and here. I may not speak Spanish but i know cute when i see it!!

Lurline has been busy. You need to check out newer posts for the gorgeous scarf that takes 3 weeks to make!

Check out the yummy fabrics Andrienne chose.

And my last update is for our rooster in the henhouse, John. He is using some of my favorite fabrics.

That’s about it for me. I hope you enjoyed our time together as much as I did. :0P

Susan, aka chickenfoot

Progress report, 6/20 (Lisa’s group)

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“And they’re off!”

It’s been about a week and a half since most of us received our partner information. While many swappers are taking their time deciding what their quilts will look like, others hit the ground running.
Swap Mama Susan knew right away which design she’ll be tackling this round: layered, appliquéd circles in her partner’s favorite colors. Love the dots-within-dots, and even dotted fabric!
Susan's circles
Samantha searched her stash for the colors her partner prefers and came up with these vibrant fabrics:

DQS4 Fabrics

…which became these blocks:

First Two Blocks

Rebecca got right to work: sketching, planning, and sewing a bird-y quilt, but her son fell in love with it, so she’ll have to come up with Plan B!
I’m guessing Megan‘s having so much fun with her new-ly acquired free-motion quilting skills that she might just use them for the swap!
Lynne had made some charming wonky butterflies and flowers for another project. She liked them so much that they might appear in her DSQ4 quilt.

sorta wonky butterflies
(p.s. if you want to try the butterflies yourself, she’s generously provided a great tutorial for them.
I loved seeing Leah‘s sketch becoming quilt-y reality, in the form of scrappy LeMoyne stars.

on my desk
Laura Jay is busy turning this stack of fabric into an I-Spy crazy quilt. *I* spy a cutie quilt in the making ;o)
Great work, all! How are YOU doing on YOUR quilt? We’d love to hear your ideas and see your progress on the Doll Quilt Swap flickr group discussions or photo pool.
If I’m your Swap Mama, e-mail me (losabia at yahoo dot com) a link to what you’re doing, and I’ll be happy to include it in the next update!

Ready for more quilt news?

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I’m thrilled to report that the last items from Doll Quilt Swap I are completed!

Monica was happily surprised by this little beauty. It’s courtesy of Kristin, a brand new quiltmaker, who perservered through some challenges and delivered this totally handmade (!) quilt to its eager recipient.

Undeterred by her missing quilt, and bolstered by a treat from Swap Fairy Wendy, Monica signed up again for this round and is working on a beautiful applique piece.

Kristy also completed her DQSI project. She’s a new quilter, too. I hope she continues because this turned out so nicely! I’m sure Liz will agree when it arrives!

Speaking of Liz, she has a great idea for a clothesline quilt. Isn’t it pretty?

Liz has already received her quilt from this round (funny how that works!): this lovely nine-patch from Paula.

Pasha made some changes to her original plan and turned out this beauty!

And Pasha received her tropical flower log cabin from Swap Mama Wendy. I love the colors and the quilting. Wow.

DQSII Tropical Flower Log Cabin

Ros and her camera cable have been reunited, so now we can see her vibrant appliqued quilt.


Suzie’s quilt combines pretty patchwork, applique, and embroidery.

Rose has put her all into this appliqued scene, even printing some of the fabric herself!

Natalie’s completed the swap cycle, having both given

and received

striking red-and-gold quilts! The one she received, directly above, came from Pamela, who carefully considered every aspect of the quilt.

Sara M.‘s sent her pretty, colorful quilt, too!

Sarah G. has decided on her color scheme and is working on her blocks in blues and greens.

DQS II first attempt

AND if you love those wonky log cabins (I do! I do!), she’s generously posted a tutorial for them. Busy Sarah!

Last but not least, take a look at this stunner by Tami!

Please remember, quilts should be sent out by this Wednesday, July 18th!

I, for one, can’t wait to see the rest of the quilts!

Susan’s update

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hey ladies!!! well this is swap mama susan with her update….

let see, well wordpress is not letting me add links so i will just post the links myself and please excuse the ugliness, ok back to our regularly scheduled programming.  here is a sneak peak at louise’s wonderful little lovely here

and then we have some gorgeous photos of lynns quilts at her photo page here

maggi has been hard at work trying her hand at hand quilting, here

margy got started right away and had hers finished before a lot had even started(including me!) here is her update

here is a tease of marijkes quilt, for more photos you have to go to flickr and check them out…that is as soon as i get them up there!!!ok, i have uploaded the photos to the flickr group so you can look now, just dont anyone look too closely at the label!!!

heres a teeny tiny peek at melissas quilt for her partner, and i did try to take my time and pick partners that i thought would make quilts that their partners would really like. so glad you noticed!

thats it for now, hope everyone is finishing up their little treasures for our mail out date next week.   good luck!

A Small Fox gives a Progress Report

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Thought I would post the progress of my group of swap bebehs. If you are in my group and I inadvertently left you out, email me!

Dawn has finished her quilt. I love the red bubbly fabric she chose.

Finished Doll Quilt Swap II Quilt

Annieshouse finished her quilt, pictured above, and has a flickr album of her process.

Cathi’s finished quilt is up for viewing. Done just in time for her trip to Portugal. LUCKY!

Bronwyn is busy battling her anxiety about joining the swap. She’ll do wonderfully. I know. I’m her mama!

Beth posted a teaser of some lovely purple and white blocks.

Doll Quilt Options

Ashley has a very good dilemma indeed. Though, I really think she should just make another quilt and send those two to me.

A sneek peek worthy of the sea shore from Amy.

And a progress shot from a delicious Ambercake.

Only a week to go, poppets!

Doll Quilt Update – Less than a week to go!

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Hello everyone!  I hope you are all having a good time finishing up your quilts.  We are less than one week away from sending off our creations.  July 18th is around the corner!!  Are you ready?!

Here is a bit of what my group has been up too…

Fiona has finished her CW Inspired doll quilt and it is on the way to her lucky partner.  She found a neat label that she thought went with the era of the quilt quite well.  Fiona says she will delight us with a picture of the entire quilt once her partner receives it.


Fiona quilt

Jan has finished piecing her quilt and is currently hand quilting it.  I can’t wait to see what the final product looks like.


Jen L. shows us a bit of her beautiful fabric.  I love the colors don’t you?


 Jhoanna  is now in the process of handbinding her quilt.  She considers herself to be a “newbie” as far as quilting is concerned, but I think she is already looking like a pro!


 Donna is trying to be a bit mysterious about her quilt.  She blurred the image to throw us off a bit.  But, we can still see something beautiful in the making.


 Deedeen made a pretty little blue number for her partner.  If you speak French (mine is VERY rusty), head on over to her blog and check it out.  If you don’t speak French, check it out anyway, she is very creative and the photography on her blog is tres jolie!

UPDATE…Sorry Swap Babes, but like I said, my French is VERY rusty and I misunderstood what Deedeen said on her blog.  This is not the quilt for her partner, she is still working on that particular quilt.  Okay, I am off to get out my old French dictionary from high school.  I think I need it!! LOL! 🙂


Laura over at Pine Ridge Quilter also gave us a glimpse at what she has been working on.  I like the bee!  Check out her blog for other beautiful quilting creations.  Laura is quite busy!


Jean-Sophie (I love her name!) has been busy as well.  Besides working on a special quilt for her partner, she has been busy putting together a tutorial for machine applique. 


If you would like to check it out, you can head on over to Flickr and check out her Notes for Machine Appliqué Posies

She also blogged the step-by-step instructions:

Introduction – contains information about threads and stitches, describes how to prepare the background fabric for all three methods and has step-by-step directions for Faced Applique

Preparing Circles for Appliqué – describes an alturnative way to prepare the center for a faced applique flower (good information to tuck away for preparing appliqué for any circle, oval or almost circle shape).

Using Templates
– describes too other methods, both using templates.  In one, you use freezer paper and glue stick; in the other, starch, an iron, and templates made from a heat resistant material.

Thank you for the tutorial Jean-Sophie!  I am sure everyone will learn something from it!

This is really wonderful work “Swap Babes!”  I am looking forward to seeing the final results from all of you!

Have a great week!

More DQSII updates

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How exciting: updates are rolling in from around the globe – UK, Australia, Canada, and the good old US of A.

  • Sara M. has made her first quilt blocks ever, and she’s hooked! Can you see the teacup?

photo from Odd Dotty Dollmaker

  • Pasha took a vintage block and added her own scrappy twist to it.

photo from Pasha Plum

  • Virginia is appliquéing some groovy goldfish onto her partner’s quilt.

photo from Mortimer’s Mom

  • Paula posted a peek of her pretty patchwork project.

photo from Sweet P

  • Swap Mama Wendy has completed the quilt she mentioned in her last swap update. Look at the crinkly goodness:

DQSII Back Peak

photo from Wee Toes and Noggins

  • Donna’s completed construction of her calico Log Cabin top, and posted her first photos to flickr, too.

photo from rocklilly

  • Pamela has sent her quilt off to her lucky partner. Click the photo amd check out that quilting!

photo from mamaspark

  • Ros’ camera cable forgot to join her on a transatlantic trip, so the pics of her quilt – already sent!!!! – are forthcoming.

Great work, everyone. I look forward to what the coming weeks will bring.

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