Doll Quilt Swap II

June 3, 2007 at 3:02 pm | Posted in Doll Quilt Swap, Swaps | 14 Comments

Welcome! The wait is over: let the signups begin!

doll quilt swap button

I greatly appreciate everyone who joined in the first swap. We had a wonderful time, and I think the gorgeous end products speak for themselves. There was quite a bit of interaction in the form of comments on our doll quilt update posts and on the swap-related posts on many of your blogs, as well as discussions and comments in the DQS flickr group photo pool. I think I speak for many of the swappers when I say that I’ve found many new blogs and online buddies through the swap. With all this friendliness and the beautiful quilts, you’ve made me a proud swap mama, indeed! *snif*

I’ve reviewed and carefully considered the helpful and constructive comments many of you graciously provided about future swaps. Here are the details for this round:


  • Size: from 13″ x 13″ up to 24″ x 24″ or any rectangle or other shape in between.
  • Construction: Pieced, appliqued, wholecloth, or yo-yos; quilted by hand or machine; and bound. Embellish at will. Embroidery? Rickrack? Buttons? None? You decide.
  • Fabrics: Let’s do natural fibers: cotton, linen, or wool again, please!
  • Labels: Many commented that they’d like to have a record of the date and maker and other pertinent information about the quilt, so please include a label on the quilt. Don’t panic if you’ve never done this! I’ll post some how-tos and tips on what to include in a future post on this site.


If you’d like to participate in the swap, please send an e-mail to the address at the top of the sidebar over there -> and include the following:

  • Full name (the last names won’t be shared)
  • E-mail address (will only be shared with your partner)
  • Full shipping address, including postal code and country (again, only your partner will receive this)
  • Blog address, if you have one (will be linked on the doll quilt swap site)
  • Flickr photostream, if you have one
  • Your preferences for your quilt to be received: things that you’d love to have or things that you would prefer NOT to receive. These can be general points such as colors (a particular color or combination – pastels, darks, brights, primary), themes (cats, repro, dots, primitive, plaids, NO CLOWNS [that’s mine!]), etc. If you really, really have no idea or love being surprised, please just write “Quilter’s Choice.” I definitely can’t promise that you’ll get an applique or hand-quilted quilt, even if you love them, but I’ll do my best to match y’all up with someone simpatico. If you just love to make (or try!) certain types of quilts (collage, applique, etc.) it would help with the matchups if you mentioned that, too.
  • Extra credit: Are you willing to send to internationally? or early? or even early to another country?


  • Signups will last from today, June 3rd, to U.S. Father’s Day, June 17th. Spread the word! Many of you missed the last round, and you can do others a favor by letting them know about the swap on your blog. You can write a quick post or include the following button code on a sidebar.
  • <a href=“”><img src=“; alt=“doll quilt swap button” /></a>
  • Partner information will be sent out by June 20th.
  • Quilts should be sent no later than July 18th. This gives everyone 4 weeks to research, construct, and send their quilts. Of course you can send out your little packages in advance of that. Some of last round’s swappers had both sent and received before the sending deadline even rolled around.


This will remain a secret round robin swap. Your partner will not know your identity; you all seemed to like the cloak-and-dagger aspect of the swap last time! There’ll be a list of all the swappers in the sidebar if you want to keep track of everybody. I’m happy to relay super-secret messages between you and your partner if you need me to.

Now regarding the deadlines: if you don’t think you can meet the four-week deadline, please consider waiting until the next round (and judging from your response, we’ll just keep rolling with this swap until the participation drops off) so that your poor partner won’t have to be quiltless while you hurry to finish up your project. I mean this in the kindest way. The swap won’t be as much fun for YOU either, if you feel rushed or guilty. There’ll be more, I promise!

If any of you need any advice or have questions about your quilt, or if you’re a new quilter, feel free to e-mail me with questions or issues. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I’ll do my best to help. I can post tough questions on the blog or on our flickr group so that we can all put our heads together if we need to. I’ll also post some of the “getting started” links that I sent out for the new quilters in the first round – in a day or two, I think!

Some people had asked about having a recommended theme or challenge for the swap. I’ve decided not to included not to include a challenge component, in order to encourage as many people as possible to participate. First round swapper Kim currently has a quilt challenge group on Flickr if you like more structure, but as of now, it’s just for making and posting photos those quilts, not strictly for swapping. As for this swap, you can give yourself a personal goal to overcome something you’ve found difficult in the past (like applique, mitered bindings, or hand-quilting). You’ll find it much faster and easier to do many things on a doll-sized quilt. I personally overcame my fear of curved seams in the first round.

Finally (blah, blah, blah, aren’t I long-winded today?! Sheesh!) thanks to all of you who offered to be swap fairies for those few patient swappers who still await their package from last round. I have all the volunteers I need, including some sweeties who weren’t even in the swap last time. I’ll contact some of you privately to let you know about fairy-ing. Big hug and kiss to you generous souls



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  1. I sent my email!!

  2. hi there! i’m so excited to do this swap…i’ve been watching and waiting! i want to add the button, but can’t seem to do it…just want to check that the code is right. i use blogger, so maybe that’s why? i’m kinda slow with this stuff! thanks for your help!

  3. Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment. I haven’t sent my email yet as I wanted to read the instructions properly and make sure I do it all perfectly. You’ll get my email tomorrow!

  4. YIPPEE! My first quilt swap! I was awake half the night with lots of ideas!

  5. i figured out the button…had to add a slash at the end of the image in the code and it worked! yippee!

  6. Where does the extra slash go?

  7. Here’s a link to how Melissa* added her button in blogger; I also changed the post to include that pesky slash!
    *Thank you, Melissa and Wendy for your comments about changing the button code; I am not in the habit of deleting comments, but I figured it would be easiest to understand for the others if I just linked to the blogger group response :0)

  8. I signed up yesterday. Did you get my request?

  9. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I tried to send the sign-up email again, hopefully it will arrive this time. If it does not, please let me know.

  10. Hi, I’ve read the updated info on the sidebar button, and have put in the new code, but I’m still having problems. The button is there, but the picture isn’t visible. Can you help? I have put it just under my profile for ease of viewing

  11. Jenni, it looks like your blog address got copied into the img code. Take that out and see if it works.

  12. I’m very much looking forward to taking part in this swap. I just wanted to check – you say natural fibres (cotton, linen, wool) – I have some silk scraps that I think I might want to use. Is that okay too?

  13. […] on the Doll Quilt Challenge group on flickr. It might end up being the quilt for my partner in the second round of the doll quilt swap if it fits her […]

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