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May 11, 2007 at 11:49 pm | Posted in Doll Quilt Swap, Swaps | 14 Comments

In the next few weeks, enrollment in Doll Quilt Swap II will begin. I’ll be returning as a Swap Mama, and I’m so pleased to welcome Angela from the Country Cellar as a co-hostess. Angela and I’d love your input to help us detemine the details of the next swap.

Just as a reminder for our current swappers, and FYI for the newbies, for the first swap:

  • the sign up period was about one week.
  • after partners were assigned, we had three weeks to complete a quilt
  • the quilts were to be made of natural fibers (linen, cotton, or wool)
  • the recommended size of the sides was between 18″ and 24″
  • it was a secret swap, so nobody knew who their sender was
  • the swap partners were assigned in a round robin format


  • If you participated, what did you LOVE about the swap, that should be continued into DQSII?
  • What would you CHANGE about the setup and execution of the swap that might make it easier or more fun or interesting for everyone?
  • (This question’s for everyone, whether you participated or not) What other suggestions or ideas do you have for the swap?

Please leave us a comment with your feedback. We appreciate your participation and will give careful consideration to each suggestion. Please DO NOT e-mail us to sign up just yet, as we need to finalize exact swap guidelines and deadlines!

Thanks, y’all!

Lisa K.


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  1. I liked everything about the swap. If nothing was to change, I would still do it again.

    But (ha ha), I think that it would be fun if each new swap had a different challenge. For example, stash only, or use curves in the quilt (in the quilting or the construction), or challenge each participant to try a new technique of her (or his) choice. Just some ideas.

    I also would like a bigger range for the quilts. Like 12″ to 24″ or 15″ to 24″.

    Even if nothing changes, I would still be happy to sign up again. I enjoyed participating.


  2. hiya! had a blast with this one and am looking forward to the next. i would like to see the minimum dimensions smaller. i would have put a lot more intricate work in mine if it was smaller. i think with the time allotment(which i like this time frame a lot) a smaller minimum would allow people to experiment more. i like loose parameters for swaps. when i start being told what i have to do i get stymied. by loose i mean a color theme, the use of a certain something on the quilt-for instance a color. i think use what you haves are good. hope that helps a little

  3. I would not change anything. The partner thing could go either way for me…secret or not.

    I do want to say though, as for the comments above mine, I don’t think themes or challenges or constraints are fair. I can’t do curves or circles at all, no matter how hard I try! And my applique is pretty shitty too. If you want to do that in your quilt, that’s fine and great-go for it! But please don’t make it part of the “challenge” or whatever…LOTS of people who would have normally signed up won’t if there are those kinds of requirements. What I LOVED about this last one was that anyone could sign up and you didn’t feel intimidated. As for color themes, what if someone really hates those colors? I would just like to have information on what my partner likes, or really hates, and go from there. Or, if they have a special request for a specific color…say they want to decorate with them, and would like quilts that are red. Or that they absolutely, positively cannot stand the color blue. That’s all I need to know and I’m on my way!

    Also…if someone gets really intricate with their’s, are they going to be upset if they get one that is very simple…like mine? I think it should be ‘do what you want and what you are capable of, but don’t expect that same thing in return’. Which is how it was the first round, pretty much. (The size requirements are fine.)

    I would really LOVE for this to be an ongoing kind of swap…I love making quilts and I love to receive handmade things (especially quilts!) from others. But I like being surprised, and I don’t want to get the same kind of thing everyone else got. I really liked how, in this last swap, everything was so unique!!! If it turns into a group with a lot of challenges and certain requirements, newer quilters won’t be able to join and practice the skills they do have and maybe even learn some new ones along the way…it’ll just be an exclusive group of already great quilters, and once again, somebody is getting shut out.

    As for timing, I think a month between sign-ups and send-outs is great. But, just during the summer, with the kids home and vacations and all that, it would be nice to have more time. Like, “This is the Summer Doll Quilt Swap”…and just have it going from June through August, that way everyone would be able to work around their schedule.

    So…I guess to sum it all up, I wouldn’t change a thing, except to have more time over the summer. I totally loved the first round! Thanks for everything, Lisa!


  4. I had so much fun with this doll quilt, and honestly, I can see both sides of the argument for changing and not changing a thing. I loved the secret part of the swap, but I just like surprises. If I was to change anything, I would require quilt labels. I know the word “require” sounds so … strict and binding, but I’d love to see the following info on a quilt I receive from someone: Title of quilt (if there is one, I always have trouble naming things), Name of creator, date completed, where it was completed, and doll quilt swap #. But thank you so much for organizing this again, it’s super fun!

  5. ok, i dont like the idea of lengthening the time frame. that is what i liked about this one, that it was quick turn around. i wasnt meaning that everyone had to be more intricate, just that i would like to try more intricacy, but with the size, i didnt think i could pull it off. all i was saying was
    make the size range larger, say from a smaller size to the size we had in the previous swap.
    i would have liked to include a label on my quilt, but i dont know how to make one. so i would love some links on making one. thanks
    after reading lauris comments, i too would say i dont like the idea of constricting themes, etc.

  6. When I mentioned a challenge I mean a very open ended challenge. I would not want anyone to feel they could not participate. The challenge could be interpreted by the quilter. If the challenge was curves, that could mean a lot of things. It could mean curved piecing, or curved quilting, or curves in the pattern of the fabric, for example circles, dots, waves, swirls, rounded baby cheeks, fat elephants, curvy housewives etc.

    But like I said before, if nothing changes I would still love to participate.


  7. YAY!! A round 2!!

  8. I liked everything about the last swap! I loved that it was secret – that made me look at the other blogs to see what people were up to… If I knew I was swapping with Lisa, for example, I would only look at Lisa’s blog & probably say – “Why is she doing that?” – taking away part of the fun! I agree though that labels should be included. I am looking forward to swap number 2 – like someone else said, I enjoy getting hand made things – especially quilts!

  9. I thought that the first Challenge was set up great! I love secret swaps and love surprises, it’s more fun when you don’t know who yours will come from-like Amy, I looked at everyone else’s Blogs to get a peek- it was fun!
    I added a label to the back of mine because I always do- I know there are sites and even books with labels that can be ironed on to fabric- or just writing with a sharpie on another piece of fabric and then sewing it to the back.
    It’s nice to have the artist’s name, Title and date.
    I also sewed on coke tabs, on the back, so that it could be hung.
    The size was a challenge for me because mine are usually smaller but once I started with it- it was great!
    I enjoyed stretching my comfort zone.
    I don’t think I would change anything- I totally liked the way it was set up and the level of communication and the commitment to hostessing was beyond wonderful- perfect! I guess that doesn’t really help much- but I am looking forward to the next one! Thank you for the joy.

  10. thanks kim for the tips on labels. i dont know why i didnt think of writing on a separate piece of fabric and sewing that on. i was afraid of messing up my quilt by writing on it. i think i will spend this weekend making up some labels. and what are these books with labels in them that can be sewn on???

  11. Well, as a new quilter, blogger, swapper…I found the first round to be very inviting. No restrictions, not much in the way of requirements..and I was able to feel comfortable jumping in and giving it a try.

    I loved the secrecy..it made me go hunting around on everyone’s blogs as well. My sender set up a secret email account, and we corresponded throughout. It was a lot of fun.

    I am not very experienced in swaps, but I say don’t change a thing!

  12. http://www.amazon.com/One-Kind-Quilt-Labels-Finishing/dp/1564775356
    just do a Google search with Quilt labels and see what you get. I bought some Laurel Burch Quilt Labels from a quilt shop here- you can find it on ebay also. You can print them with the computer- there are lots of ways to do it. Enbroidery is very nice. I use 2 threads so that the words are clear and easy to read. Hope that helps

  13. I wasn’t a participant, but I totally want to join you for the next one!
    I would love to have a challenge or theme, but I can understand some people not liking that or the need for it to be very loose. I also like the idea of having a wider range on the size like sides being 15-24″. I also like the secret partners, like what was said, I would be more likely to read everyone’s blogs and check out what they were doing.
    And maybe the quilt label is a good “challenge” for the next one – leaves the quilt open for anything, and would give many of us something new to learn. I’ve never made a quilt label either.

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